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Extended Paper Rad Family Comics.

GI keep droppin science as if I was clumsy So in tune with the tune that even bums be boppin to the theme that makes hobos rock I stop crime - like Robocop I sport, Bally sandals, ride on camels Wear Egyptian Musk, cause I hate grey flannel I hate a man who thinks he's better than I am because he's bigger than I am, he doesn't know who I am You said you're built like a house, tough shit - I ain't fearin it When does a house compare to a pyramid? That's what I enter when I want to meditate I light up, a pack of sufi incense, and then I translate a flow through a pen on a scroll Then I unrolled the scroll, when it's time to roll Shafiyq is the Lord, much is under my cap And like Reynold's, I'm here to +Wrap+ - my mic is on FIRE!

Tour Notes
Some summertime historical co-cos, as we say.

Alfe Horace and Roba try to survive a plot laid out by Mr. Italiano and the Egyptians to force evolution of their minds.
Howard the Duck
Howard is a special someone with special feelings for you. Interested? call 1-800-WINGS OF DESIRE
Ancient Computing
Sitting on the dock of the cloud.
Pizza Party/ Perfect Tan
Molly the Pony and Buck Duck,
eat pizza and shop and do clouds.
make me fit into the next one
by CF
Snow Bits
A fantasy.
Two dudes make a BBQ.
Gumby's Book
Come slide into this.
World Book
A tale of fate fire van ands dogs and ducks and walmart.
Donald P Grady Loves Water Towers
The never ending story.
teen Box Eyes
Don't you hate it when somebody is like..."I don't know if I should cry or laugh."
young Box Eyes
Pony Tail of Tears
This is a true story.
Listening Staion
Drawn January 2001 by CF from Masachusits.
Dini Tear
A little alfe history not HIStory
More alfe history not HIStory. Almost as if a kid tried to copy the short lived comic strip Outland with a little Bloom County.

sexeducationol teen zine

Mass Art Newspaper
Early printed editions of boston's important circulatory journal history
PAPER RAD COMICS GALLERY...most comics were real books that we made about 100+ copies each of
but now are out of print... snoop around for new books....also the amount of space we have dictates the quality
of the compression, are you an investment banker, care to meet me at kinkos, i charge 10 an hour to get kinky

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