Extreme Animals
TOUR DIARY data bass

wow what a great show, lots of bands including raw fog and dooms-a-plenty, some real heavy solos, lots of crunch on the guitars good compression on da amps too. there was an awesome drum set and all the lights were awesome. thanks to colin for cooking us a huge wild boar before hand, or shall i say be-bore hand, we ate it with our hands,
no time to talk though cuase there is an after party at this log cabin with posters of a black incredible hulk in it.
AS WE drove into the roadside hotel a strange hum like that of a huge metal machine that does nothing but convert energy into different types of energy was huming all in the humid air around us. we asked for room 25, the motels management seemed like he was drunk. and he was very dirty. he also had a tick, you be the judge parasite/facial. we got to room 25 and open the door, there was frank valance, with betty. i punched him in the face then betty ran off, to veronica no doubt...anyway, as i sped down the highway my head exploded,
thats all i remember
best show ever
forgot to plug in da drum machine
gay nerd was a big hit, go figure....matress factory, i mean knitting
great crowd, hooked up with the rest of da crew, ate some 'za and finally got to see what all the fuss was over jimmy z's new hair cut, have to say thanks to all the dans' tom gay neil gay and neil young...WHATS UP TIC TACK AND CHUCK DOG?!?!?!?
keiths sweat's house
herds and words very good, also, look out for gold at the pool party lots of rumors lots of rumors, gossip, too bad our cool no assholes poster got stolen at the show
school haus
defneg and kurt and drum head were great, uncle dale shout outz the car was destroyed by beer bings left ontop that rusted the engne block, car talk fixed it, gaynerd was also in fx, "the drum set was loud" whats up
played the best show best show ever
camp gay
crowd surfed, kids dragged me down into a water fall then stole my shoes and made me wear doc martins, shout up to beige
the band that played after us featured the head choir boy that replaced me after I quit the men and boys choir at christ church cathedral in lexington, KY. ALSO there were like 10000 people and art show waz a succcess and a half.
we walked in the door and totally got blowed up by the creative mentalist DAVE CLOUD. he did his big hit the LYNDIHOP but before that this one pool shark from california with a perfect pony tail and a nice dolphin tatoo got in a cool fake-fight with a maximum metal head. we gonna go back to nasheville.

here is some footage from the pretour moms day concert: