extreme animals
winter mini tour 2003
"let your ears tell your soul a secret"
inspirational words from warp token
We will be opening for kidz bop

tour troll tour
friday january 2nd--chapel hill-, NC--housey party?
saturday january 3rd--charlottesville, VA
twisted branch tea bazaar
414 East Main Street
sunday january 4th-????
monday january 5th--philadelphia
3116 Brandywine Street.
with corndog
tuesday january 6th--recording mystery phuture tracks
wednesday january 7th--NYC--dorkbot
thursday january 8th--recording mystery
friday january 9th mystery lie
saturday january 10th--western masssssss???
sunday january 11th--providence ask CF

important note: we will be having a new cd-r called "B REAL"
hopefully of all recorded our music and these are the guys thanks to these guys:

breaking world records