I don't typicaly spill my guts, but tis the season so heres a little text intro:
for those who don't really get what paper rad is, like all da haters, all da corps, all da new yorkers, well, below is what I would like to put on the record as being the entire reason we do what we do. the band is natrual reflex. members mostly come from canada, the "leader" of n.r. is our candian president of paper rad, so whats up, see if you can make any sense of the crap below, note: that is not a store bought inflated bear, its custom, and those are snow shovels...ps this was the closing to microrave

"cum groove with"

now you understand my hair

box eyes, meet ghost cube and mighty-stalagtite

stone cold


my best concert ever
(other than bonzo @fort)

crowd, thanks to anthro-noucer
dj-jazzy jx

nr fan page