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tour diaries
summer of html
click here for an in depth archived example of some of the documentation of one of many informative education-style execution-style HTML performances, this one is taken from our performance in kansa city


we played another rave at the coolest town in the hamptons
everyone was into the birthday vibe, it was totally inspiring
there was this really professional band goth booty which was perfectly naturally awesome
the premiere of the doo
do the doo
everybody freaked out because we thought we lost the cables and jacob got a asthma attack and it was a false alarm--we found the cables!!!!!!

summer camp

we went to this amazing summer camp in rowe, massachusits
"be yourself and be rad" camp for kids of all ages
they requested a song, by humming the song, very special
also they bugged out to all the groovy party tunes on dj jexx's mixtape
which made jexxica very happy I saw it happen

new york

we met up with the computer nerdz
they made these big signs that said HTML . . .
sort of cool . . .I guess
really hot place, met up with good pals, cory's new family band rocked the troll
the dj's were on fire!!!! everyone freaked out and danced all night!!!!! the police came and told
everyone it was illegal to dance but we kept on dancing and then the cops just relaxed and
started dancing too and then the mayor came and decided to make rent really cheap in
manhattan and kicked everybody out of brooklyn!!!!


hiiiiiigghhher state of cooonnnsccciousssnesssssss
cory got heckled

allentown, PA

fucke we broke the speakers again cool
the place we stayed the pirate ship got a big leak from the toilet
and water was pouring on me bed, mate!!
also memories4ever was in the building
they had a big time friendster addicitttttion
also text messaging was a big problem

pittsburgh, PA

positive vibez thanks to the bonez gang beach posse band
nice to see all da cool proffessorss at da show
thanxs for supporting tha scene
next time we won't break the speakers again and blame it on the doo

chicago, IL

totally fucked up everyone got bloody from the robot crowd surfing
fucking sorry to everybody who gave me the money how retarded
pauls house is "cool" by this point totally exhausted and confused
first appearance of "dj shoulders" scariest dj of all time!!!!!!!

st.louis, IL

cory fliiped out because joe lost the keys to the car but we found them the next morning
if I had to move to one city it would be st.louis kansas city milwaukee

maybe london

kansas city

we did a good job surfing the net for real
made a cool webpage
also the acidheads totally blew up the spot!!!
I thought the floor was going to cave in so we had to stop the party before we all died!!!!!
kansas city the faces gallery R.I.P> but totally amazing people


awesome store tyson's new "general store"
third appearance of dj shoulders scariest dj of all time!!!
we stayed in this new spaceship that the olson twins I mean the reeder brothers were making for their new insiring movie projectt!!!!!!
dj shoulders scared the shit out of all of us and broke shit and then fell alseep and tried to pretend like it didnt happen!!!


graphiti rock
met up with the gremlins, sorry no acid this time, next time


the power went out. cool?
in the middle of the night I think heard this guy dying, totally fucking intense screaming, yelling "help", no power so I couldnt see to help him, if he died, "woops"
I got to hang out out with the labute family, best time ever, perhaps this picture will paint a thousand words: