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unmistakable hand-crafted real instruments
envisioned by the imagineer with an empty mind

Fortress of Amplitude
a river of technique
leading to an ocean of composition

DR.DOO performs live with backing band,
influences include Blue Man Group meets Dogs. "Live video and music"

power trio on power trip, flagship band on papa's is a geek,
akin to Dr. Perfect, or should we say, Dr. Thunder circa 1901.
recorded in a barn.
Extreme Animals
no doubt meets dasFX meets "push it" meets teletubby jam band in the forest
The Ultimate Chilled Out Entertainer
Want to kick back and have some brilliant jokes from the best funnman around come along and give meaning to your work-a-day world. He doesn't care who you are, were you are, Yes he is not british but he does phone it in on occasion. i don't know what you have heard but i assure you he is brilliant.

Star Kings
gay music from 1994 or less made in 2002 or beyond

Pajama Boys


Natural Reflex
#1 band from Canada, former members of Canadian Owls.
Gay Nerds

Formed out of fear, striking out of laziness.


old favorite expanding into thenew REAL, out now: record on autumn records

Mix TapeClub

click for subscription to awesome mixtapes...

Pracky Pranky
this is an old band from boston. fond forgotten memories found. albums include "easter eve" and "hidden treasures lost tracks" and unlabelled tapes. copies might still be found under rocks or in dew drops. Paper Rad's first band. also unavailable: "lost treasures hidden tracks", "buried treasures lost tracks", "hidden treasures buried tracks". do you have a story to tell? "prank us"

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