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available here click heree also you can listen to it

this is a top secret link to dave's page that nobody can see

if you want to have some of our recorded cd-rs, there is now a good way to do that, go to these pages they have online online:

"B Real" available through breaking world records
"Dare I Say Troll" available through Scratch n Sniff
and coming soon: "do your natural dance/nerds gone wild"


old album "midi slaves" sneak preview click here

Here is a link to our 2003 winter tour schedule, it was a nice great thing we played lots of rave parties much success
here is a pic from da road

mp3 taste 1
mp3 taste 2
mp3 taste 3

old:winter tour thoughts

new "dates:
News FLAsh: Watch for new EA track on the recently released Fired up! compilations

2. Papasisageek Records is putting out the new EA "MIDI Slaves" CDR in June. "Gotta a mill' off the deal and we're still in the grind." Each track was cut with a different producer featuring: Rudy Tardy, Mystery BJ, Colin Quinn, Matt St. Jermainedupris, Ross Gellar, Gary Gyax, Gil C. from NC, and Dan from the wooly mammoth tour 2k2.

4. Coming soon: John Zorn's top 10
5. we take guitar lessons exclusively from: jz
PPS:wild animals captured on film
new contest:
name the band after an animal or talk about animals in the band name win!!!!

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remember the physical challenge old tour date and cool quotes
make it a date

band photo:

hi-res for print promo press releaz package available upon request
just shoot us an email we'll send the film negatives and developing instructions 3-day mail promise!
OR JUST CLICK HERE for a awesome photo shoot for our old new album "roll the dice"

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