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Sun, 01 Jun 2008

Rat Face Dream Angel Distribution

David from Extreme Animals/Fortress of Amplitude has a great distribution
catalog thang going.
He has DJ JAZZYY JEX mex tapes, Jacob's newage mextape, extreme animals
stuff, paper rad 7inch, zines, plus all of David's crazy projects.
Click here for the cool store
It's online.
Check out these pages for David's specific for "the vibe":
DJ Backless Shirt
DJ George Costanza
Also of note: David predicted and predated the whole "trance rap" thang
by 6 years!
Trance Rap example 1
more Trance Rap examples
David's "Fired Down" mix CD series
An Audio excerpt from the "Fired Down!" mix series

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Fri, 22 Feb 2008


South By South Whatever
We will be showing Paper Rad videos and Extreme Animals the band
will be performing
Wed. March 12th 2008
Knitting Factory/ Todd P / Free Agency Showcase
@ Emos Jr
(603 Red River St)

Dan Deacon + Jimmy Joe Roche's Ultimate Reality
Black Pus
Free Blood
Extreme Animals
Paper Rad

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Sun, 25 Nov 2007

extreme animals remixes

Extreme Animals the band has finished 2 remixes recently. 1 for
Juicebox and Dreskull
to be released soon by Vicious Pop Records,
and a new 15 minute megamix of some of our favorites songs,
which is released on the DeathbombArc tape club.
Here is a sample of that song:

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Problem Solvers at New Museum

We are working on finishing our new 20-minte animated cartoon called
"problem solvers". It will premiere on January 11th at the
New Museum's new space in the Bowery,
along with performances by Ben Coonley and others.
Please come!

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Mon, 16 Jul 2007

Pop Rally

Paper Rad will be performing with Cory Arcangel at the MOMA in NYC
very soon: July 24th. PLEASE COME or tell all trolls!!!!
Extreme Animals, Dr. Doo, DJ JAZZY JEZXX plus Cory and SLOW JAMZ BAND!!!!
"everything is real"!!!!!!
mo info at:

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Wed, 20 Jun 2007

extreme animals european tour 2007

extreme animals the band is about to embark upon
a "tour de music"
here are the dates:

hopefully some of the shows will have this vibe:


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Sat, 12 Aug 2006

summer tour 2006

NEW FLYER----=---> here is a flyer for you to printout in color, or black and white, or little style
wed. august 2nd boston at O' Brians 3 harvard ave, allston, ma
w/ mudboy
thurs. august 3rd providence, "Pine needle nest" on Pine street w/ mudboy. Starts at 8:30 over by 12!
fri. august 4th

100 Ingraham St @ Porter |
EastWilliamsburgIndustrialPark, Bklyn
L to Morgan | ALL AGES | 8pm | no phone
w/ mudboy

sat. august 5th philadelphia at black floor, 319 A North 11th St. 3rd floor w/ mudboy
sun. august 6th baltimore--wham city, 1511 guilford ave B403
baltimore md 21202, 410-258-WHAM
w/ mudboy
mon. august 7th washington DC at the warehouse next door, 1017 7th Street
NW Washington D.C. w/mudboy
tues. august 8th 304 east grace st apt a., richmond, VA
wed. august 9th rest
thurs. august 10th chapel hill, NC at nightlite, 405-1/2 West Rosemary S
friday august 11th chill out
sat. august 12th knoxville, at the pilot light, 106 E. Jackson
sun. august 13th lexington at the frowning bear: 208 Forest Park Road
mon. august 14th rest
tues. august 15th st.louis at spooky action palace, Intersection of Hwy 40 + Hampton Avenue
wed. august 16th chicago at "red eye"
2201 south wentworth
wentorth and cermak
at the entrance to chinatown
thurs. august 17th milwaukee at darling hall, 601 S. 6th St.
fri. august 18th detroit at trumbullplex
sat. august 19th Forest City Gallery
352 Talbot Street
London, Ontario N6A 2R6
sun. august 20th toronto at "el amigo"
1205 queen street w.
mon. august 21st ottowa @ the argyle, 59 argyle early house show 7pm w/mudboy
tues. august 22nd FRIENDSHIP COVE
215A Murray Street, Griffintown,
w/ mudboy
wed. august 23rd

Main Street Museum, 58 Bridge Street, White River Junction, VT 05001w/ mudboy

thurs. august 24th western mass. w/ mudboy
extreme animals, dr. doo WE WILL HAVE NEW DVD, ZINES, BOOK,CD-RS
running free, dj jazzy jexx PLUS MORE TO BE CREATED

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Thu, 15 Dec 2005

New songs by the band "GN"

Here are some midi files of new songs by our band GN:

and here is our homepage:
maybe you caught us on the bookish tour
or maybe we caught you

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Mon, 21 Nov 2005

doo man group video

here is the doo man group video, see if the link works, its a great site,
check out all the other stuff there, and be jealous you
don't live in western mass, wait am i jealous, wait what.

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Tue, 01 Nov 2005

quick tour update,

here are some photos from the paperrad/new book/gn/dooman group tour,(both pictures are of dooman group) its been great, thanks for coming out, i stole both these pictures from flickr other notes of interest, any photos of st louis we would LOVE to see them, send them to, or shit, any photos at all

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Mon, 25 Jul 2005

Tenative West Coast Tour Dates

Extreme animals setting up tour on west coast
here is what we got so far
ome shows with Fortress of Amplitude
monday the 22nd: San Diego???
tuesday the 23rd: LA at Ooga Booga
wednesday the 24th: San Francisco???
friday the 26th: Olympia, WA?????
saturday the 27th: Catch That BeatFestival
sunday the 28th: Portland, OR????<
monday the 29th: Vancouver????
tuesday the 30th: Seattle, WA????
the 31st: drive
thursday sept. 1st -:LA at The Smell
friday sept 2nd: San Diego: Che Cafe
saturday sept 3rd: Burning Man

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