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Tue, 17 Apr 2007

Nothin Special

Jacob put together a video screening called "nothin special"
that is a part of the select media festival in chicago.
Please go, here is the info:
@ Co-Prosperity Sphere ¥ 32nd Place & Morgan
$10 Donation after 8 pm

One hour of videos from the sad lands of post-internet contemporary USA.
Some of these artists I have met, others are YouTube apparitions, and others
are complete mysteries, discovered, re-discovered, and lost again inside the
internetÕs caverns. Original or stolen footage, homemade or mass-produced,
monumental or completely boring, there is no difference. A magical moment
becomes meaningless, then rediscovered as a powerful ghost, then buried again--
all in the blink of an eye. Banal vs. Extraordinary, Derivative vs Original,
Insane vs Normal, Real vs Fake, these distinctions donÕt exist because we walk
with all these spirits simultaneously.

John Michael Boling and Javier Morales (New York), Jesse Hulcher (Pittsburgh),
John Kilduff (Youtube/California), Jesse Mclean (Pittsburgh), Shana Moulton (California),
Nanny Lynn (Michigan), Happeh (Youtube/California), Guthrie Lonergan (California),
Kathleen Daniel aka Silicious (Youtube/Germany)

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