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Sat, 12 Aug 2006

Bj and Da Dogs 2

Hi everybody, Paper Rad here... As we are writing this letter we are currently on tour across 1/2 of America and Southern Canada. In New York we saw a book called "BJ & the Dogs 2" that some people thought we made. We didn't make it; its creator attributed it to "paperrad". We have no issues with the book's content or the act of parody or appropriation or satire, in fact, we do those things all the time with Garfield or Gumby. However we never attribute our creations falsely. We feel misrepresenting or posing as other people is weird; it's kind of like identity theft. We would ask that the creators of this new book stop attributing, selling, distributing, and advertising under our name and in addition relinquish the related My Space "paper rad" account... Thank You Paper Rad

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